Some issues coming

I am making datasetdemo like application which is database driven.

  1. I want that the left pane element comes as same as in visual studio toolbox.

  2. And if end user wants to add its own new element in this pane then he have to just select the related dll file.such that in visual studio.

I have given here screenshots also.

please give me some sample module that how can I do it.

Where are you storing the information that describes what items there are, what their names are, and what their icons are?

You don’t have to use a GoPalette if you don’t want to. Although it might be most convenient to use a GoPalette to show instances of the kinds of nodes that the user can choose from, you can use any kind of Control that you want. Some of the sample applications, such as ProtoApp, use a TreeView. You could use a ListView if you wanted.

I am storing information in database.In DataSetMapper I have defined it as
case 2:

                  n.Background = gparallel;
                  lbl1.Text = n.ProvisionID;
                  n.Text = n.ProvisionName;

                  n.Pen = Pens.BlueViolet;
                  n.Brush = Brushes.AliceBlue;
                  n.ImageID = (int)row["capacity_id"];
                  n.ProvisionID = lbl1.Text; 

from here it generates node diagram in GoPallete and name is bring from here which is fetched from db.

I want to make my application as similar to ProtoApp but as u have provided sample of ProtoApp, it does not say how to use db in this.
As u have provided in DataSetdemo application with help of DataSetMapper.cs and IDataSetObjects.cs.

Can u plz provide ProtoApp like application demo for using db in this.

Still trying to understand your requirements here…

It would seem that you would want all the node parameters to come from the database...
n.Background = MapBackgroundNameToShape(row["background"]);
lbl1.Text = row["ProvisionID"];
n.Text = row["ProvisionName]";

n.Pen = new Pen(Color.FromName(row["PenColor"]));
n.Brush = new SolidBrush(Color.FromName(row["BrushColor"]));
n.ImageID = (int)row["capacity_id"];
n.ProvisionID = lbl1.Text;
Then, it's just a matter of adding a new row where the user can specify background, ProvisionName, ProvisionID, PenColor, BrushColor, etc....
(note: MapBackGroundNameToShape is something you'd have to write, for whatever list of shape names you want to allow)

I want to make a application as similar to protoapp but also such that its node and relations between nodes come from database.and it generate diagram just from just brinmging data from db.

In brief I want to use our db in protoapp application just u have provided in datasetdemo application.As in datasetdemo u have told IDataSetObjects.cs and DataSetMapper.cs
can u provide a protoapp like application in which we can use db connectivity for bring node and link .