Some questions for the diagram design tools

Hi , i want to build an online diagram design tool using this library and i have some questions ( as well as ideas) about the features.

i kind of take as an example and i want to build some features similar as in that tool

  1. does this library support to build a palette that have some categories which can collapse and expand? When we click to a category , it will expand and show the node in that category.

  2. Again i take drawio as an example , when you drag an item in the canvas it shows the dash lines along the item 's edge so that we can navigate or align easier. Can i do that with this library?

3) When i want to multi-select i have to mouse-down at a point in the background (not on a part), wait a moment, and then drag a box. Is there any property help me to switch to the mode that i can multi-select items then i just to mouse-down and drag a box without waiting ( as in drawio)

Anything above if this library supports please let me know and it it doesn’t would you consider taking my idea for new features in the new version? I think that would be great.

I really appreciate that you take time reading this and reply :)

Thanks a lot :D

  1. I don’t think it makes sense for us to re-implement commonly-available accordion control functionality. Just have each palette category implemented with a different Palette diagram.

  2. We have not yet implemented such functionality, although it is on our wish list. It should not be hard to demonstrate. But I don’t have the time just now.

  3. Set myDiagram.toolManager.dragSelectingTool.delay = 0.