Spots, Spots Everywhere

Ok, I am deep into the Go framework and doing some things with it, as you have seen from my posts. However, I am a bit confused about the meaning and purposes of the concept of “spots” related to ports.

So what does it mean to set the ToFrom spot on a port? What are you telling the port in doing that? Why would I want to set them?

From the User Guide:
Because ports have a size, the exact point at which a link should terminate may want to depend on the dimensions of the port. Furthermore it is common for there to be different points depending on whether the link is coming in or going out of the port or where the port is located relative to the rest of the node. This notion is supported by the FromSpot and ToSpot properties, which remember the object spots that links connected to this port should end at. The GetLinkPoint method is responsible for calculating this point; the default behavior depends on the FromSpot and ToSpot values.

How does one set the size of the port, if the port is just an “empty” port (no object or image used)?

So does your answer imply that if I say to a link to attach at the top of a port and it is coming in from the side, it will come to the top?

See if this helps… No audio, I didn’t have a mic with me when I was recording this.
shows a GoTextNode with the ports set to be Style=Rectangle so you can see them. demonstrates the setting of FromSpot and various link styles.