Stop canvasscroll when editing a groups text


I’m having a problem when editing a groups text. If a group is larger than the viewportbounds of the canvas and the textblock is selected (in my case it is positioned above the group) the diagram viewport scrolls to the center of the group, thus rendering me unable to edit the text in the box because it is outside of the viewport. I added an example:

in the example you can try to edit the textbox with the content ‘foo’ to see it in action. I’ve searched the api but it isn’t clear to me where the viwport of the diagram is set.

Thanks in advance,

That’s interesting. The TextEditingTool.doActivate method calls Diagram.scrollToRect on the whole part (the group in your case). We’ll change it to scroll to where the editable TextBlock is, not the whole part.

Thanks for pointing out that problem. The improvement will be in version 1.6 and in 1.5.21.