Store password in data inspector

I have a field in my data inspector to store password. I’ve given it’s type as password. But it didn’t help either, it still shows plain text.
Please explain if there is any way to do that.


If you change extensions/Inspector.js by modifying Inspector.buildPropertyRow:

  . . .
  input.disabled = !this.canEditProperty(propertyName, decProp, this.inspectedObject);
  if (decProp) {
    input.setAttribute("type", decProp.type);
    if (decProp.type === "color") {
      if (input.type === "color") {
        input.addEventListener("input", setprops);
        input.addEventListener("change", setprops);
        input.value = this.setColor(propertyValue);
  if (this._diagram.model.isReadOnly) input.disabled = true;
  . . .

Then you’ll be able to specify type: "password" as a property option in a property descriptor.

I should mention that you should never pass unencrypted passwords over the internet.

In 1.7.16, coming out later this week, this functionality will be built into the extensions/DataInspector.js code.