Strange behavior after changing "fromSpot" and "toSpot" values


I implemented a button to merge links.
I’m doing it by changing the “fromSpot” and “toSpot” of the links from
go.Spot.LeftRightSides to go.Spot.Left or go.Spot.Right.

That logic works.
But the behavior somethimes is unclear, and i need to move something on the topology.

Here is an example…

Before merging links:

After merging links:

After merging links (and moving something on the topology):


How are you changing those spot values? Are you doing everything within a single transaction?

Yes this is what i did.

tried now to split to several transaction but did no impact.

Yes, you should do all those changes in a single transaction.

I cannot explain why you have that behavior. The link that did not reroute as you expected is different from the others because it has a label. Perhaps that will help you figure out the problem.

i’ve tried to remove the hide action on the labels, but that didn’t affect the drawing of the connections, so i don’t think it’s related to the showen label.

The strange thing is that after i move some items on the screen it looks good…
is there something that i can trigger?
tried “myDiagram.layoutDiagram(true);” but that didn’t do much good.

never mind, found the issue. i skipped a link…