Strange behaviour (bug) of orthogonal links when adding additional points

I think I’ve found a bug in GoDiagram To Reproduce the problem please start your ‘Nodes Link Demo’ application and create a link between e.g. the ‘PinNode’ object and the ‘CollapsingRecordNode’ object. Now please set the following link properties:


If you now add multiple additional Points to the link (using the context menu) and move the additional Points around you will recognize sooner or later that some of the link segments are no longer orthogonal (see Image below).

I think this must be a bug.

Kind regards

This looks like the same issue as Problems with GoLink (down at the bottom of a long thread)

Weird that after 15 years, the first two people see the problem within a short period of time.

Here is the workaround I sent to Denis.

FlowLink.cs (17.9 KB)

( I wasn’t actually able to reproduce the problem with NodeLinkDemo like you were, but since I’ve seen similar behavior once before, I believe you.)

Hi Jake,

unfortunately your workaround does not work. It leads to the following result when dragging the link.

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Did the user interface for reshaping links change? You would notice the difference. Note you have to override the mousetool.

Yes, the user Interface for reshaping links changes. What do you mean by overriding the mousetool? Do you mean that your customers have to fix your bugs by overriding your code?

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