Strange label text rendering


We have nodes that have a label. If I put a label such as “fffffffffffffffffffff”, the different letters are not spaced evenly. I could reproduce the problem with the minimal application provided as a sample.

Here is a picture of the label :

The compressed letters always happen at the right. When we have multiline labels, on each line, the letters are correctly spaced on the left, compressed on the right.

This is not a very important problem, it just doesn’t look nice on the screen…


I don’t know what is causing that. We’re just calling Graphics.DrawString for each line of text. Even after a little experimentation, I don’t see anything that we can do to control it.

I’ve recently read the article

While the language can be rather unforgiving against Microsoft, I think it explains why this kind of rendering may happen. And why it is probably not possible to correct it without rewriting all text rendering… Cry

Interesting article – thanks for the reference!