Strange Layout Bug

I am running into an extremely odd problem with link routing on a layered digraph. I have the layout in the image below:

However, if for the labels I bind to a node name rather than key, it kicks into an infinite loop and stops responding and never lays out…

But, if I break the link between 139 (T/SBR) and 141 (LL/SBR), it lays out just fine:

However, if I restore the link, between those two, and use a aggressiveOption = AggressiveNone it once again lays out just fine:

That is where it gets even more strange… If I change the name property just to be some constant string everything is happy laying out again. Bind to just certain substring of the name and its fine, other its not. It seems like sometimes it gets itself into an initial layout that becomes intractable for the AggressiveMore, and other times it is fine. Could that be?

Interesting. Would you be able to share your data and templates with us? You can email us at GoJS at our domain,, if you’d like to keep it private.

Emailed. Thanks!