Strange moving of node in subgraph


I have a strange behaviour, concerning moving instances within a subgraph. Sometimes, it does not call OnSelectionDropped for the subgraph (I think this is the correct behaviour, I’m not sure), but sometime it does. I can’t see what makes it choose one behaviour or the other…

Does someone have more information on this subject ?


Is GoSubGraph.PickableBackground true or false? If it’s false, then one wouldn’t expect to have OnSelectionDropped be called when the drop occurs in the background of the subgraph – i.e. not on a child object of the subgraph.
Or perhaps the drop occurred on a child object that overrode OnSelectionDropReject to return true (or performed a cancel in the equivalent GoView.SelectionDropReject event handler), so that the drop cannot happen there.

Well, I rewrote this part, mainly getting ideas from the subGraphApp sample, and my problems have diseppeared. However, I still have one behaviour I dislike :

When moving a node across the frontier of a suggraph, the subgraph is expanded so that it still contains the node. I would rather have a behaviour where the subgraph remains unchanged (manual resizing of the subgraph is enabled), and the node is a candidate for being promoted to the enclosing graph.

I tried to look into the subGraphApp sample, where such a behaviour can mostly be acheived by holding the shift key, and from what I understand, this behaviour is acheived by setting DragsRealtime to false, which I do not want.

Is there any other way to acheive this behaviour ?

Best regards

Hmmm, it sounds like you don’t want the basic functionality that GoSubGraph is designed to provide: automatically surrounding its child nodes and links as the nodes move or are added or removed.
Is the Planogrammer behavior more like what you want? That’s more of the “box” sort of container, since the user can move/resize the Displays (the “boxes”) independently of the Items, but any contained Items are automatically moved/copied with the Display.