Strange subgraph error

1.When I collapse a subgraph containing nodes and links and then do undo only the nodes display. If I collapse again and then expand everything displays. Any ideas what I have done wrong? I am using code based on the subgraph example.
2. What is your email address so I can get the print rescale fix? Mine is or

  1. I have no idea.
  2. I’ve sent you email.
  1. I have changed my link to a standard GoLink and on collapse the link doesn’t hide and of course undo shows it. I then tried GoLabeledLink. This hides and doesn’t show on undo.
    Have you got a demo that works so I can look at the code?

SubGraphApp seems to handle undo/redo just fine.
Are you sure the links are part of the subgraph, and not part of the document? If you drag copy one of your subgraphs, do the links “inside” the subgraph get copied too?

Yes copying and dragging all work correctly as does expand.
Can I send you the code and an example?