Strange symbol inside activity object

I have developed new diagram with some objects inherited from activity.

The Activities dragged from palette have strange symbol. View image.

You can download js files of my page.

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I’m not sure what that small, thick, curved shape is.

What I suggest you do to debug this is implement an “ObjectSingleClicked” DiagramEvent listener on your diagram. Something like:

  myDiagram.addDiagramListener("ObjectSingleClicked", function(e) {
        var obj = e.subject;

If you set a breakpoint within that listener and click carefully on that black shape in the node, you’ll get that GraphObject and you can look at its properties to determine where it is defined in your template. Use GraphObject.panel to walk up the visual tree of Panels.

Alternatively you could add an Inspector (extensions/Inspector.js and extensions/Inspector.html) to your page so you can more easily look at objects interactively, rather than using your browsers debugger.

Hi Walter,
I solved the problem.
I commented out these rows
// task icon
/* GoLib(go.Shape, “BpmnTaskScript”, // will be None, Script, Manual, Service, etc via converter
{alignment: new go.Spot(0, 0, 5, 5), alignmentFocus: go.Spot.TopLeft, width: 22, height: 22 },
new go.Binding(“fill”, “taskType”, nodeActivityTaskTypeColorConverter),
new go.Binding(“figure”, “taskType”, nodeActivityTaskTypeConverter)
), // end Task Icon
makeMarkerPanel(false, 1) // sub-process, loop, parallel, sequential, ad doc and compensation

Best regards