Stretching a Horizontal Panel horizontally

How to use stretch with go.Panel.Horizontal ?

Stretching a “Horizontal” Panel horizontally will make the panel wider or narrower but will not change the size or position of any of the elements of that panel.

If you do want that behavior, use a “Table” Panel.

The stretching works fine with Panel.Table.

However I have an issue with the padding between rows. I tried to fix it with margin, strokeWidth, defaultSeparatorPadding and defaultRowSeparatorStrokeWidth but I wasn’t able to fix it.

The only way was to set margin to -1 but I don’t think this is an appropriate solution.

This is how my two shapes looks like now


I want them to have 0 margin
Code on codesandbox

What’s wrong with setting the margin to -1? It might cause adjacent things to overlap, but maybe that is what you are asking for?

I thought maybe there is another better approach. Anyway that’s what I am using now.

Thanks !