Stroke bug appears with rgba values

When creating a new shape with an rgba value ex. stroke:‘rgba(0,0,0,.5)’, goJS is creating a shape with 2 borders. I don’t see anything in the documentation site that shows how to implement stroke with rgba values. Not sure how we can successfully implement a stroke that has an alpha value less than 1.

Sample when alpha is .5

Sample when alpha is 1

The stroke is drawn centered along the geometrical path of the shape. So if the Shape.fill is drawn, the Shape.stroke is drawn half-on and half-off the filled area.

is it possible to change the stroke to be drawn around the edge instead of centered along the geometrical path? Or is it possible to push out the area so it appears to be on the outside only instead of inside?

You could do that via an Auto Panel containing 2 Shapes, where one acts as the stroke only. But it’s not possible with just one.