Stuck trying to run samples on IIS (unlicenced)

Hi everyone,

We’re trying to run the GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 for .NET 3.5 Samples (initially ‘OrgCharter’) on a VM with Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7, but with no Visual Studio tools installed.

I’m getting a problem where the webform1.aspx keeps reloading the page and displaying an error in the GoView/GoPalette control about checking web.config and the httpHandles section.
(See attached image.)

The web.config in that folder already contained the required ‘’ entry so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

What I did to create the issue for the OrgCharter sample:

  • Created a website entry in IIS 7 pointing to the Samples folder and granted 'Everyone' access to the folder (as a temp measure to get it working)
  • Copied the following files into the OrgCharter\bin folder:
  • "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 for .NET 3.5\lib\Northwoods.GoWeb.dll"
  • "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 for .NET 3.5\lib\Northwoods.GoWeb.Layout.dll"
  • "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 for .NET 3.5\lib\Northwoods.GoWeb.Xml.dll"
  • Browsed to \\localhost\webform1.aspx in IE (on the server VM)
  • Page apperas as above and constantly reloads
(Other samples don't work either, same error.)

The VM has:

  • Windows .Net 3.5 SP1
  • SQL Server 2005 Express
  • GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 for .NET 3.5
  • no network access (everything tested locally)

We don’t have a development license yet as we are still testing the components.

I’m new to using IIS so it might be something obvious but I’m stuck. :-(

Any help would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

You could just run the samples on our server.

The eval kit is set up to use in the context of the Visual Studio environment, not for deployment. Have you been able to run samples in the Visual Studio environment?

Is it possible to test Web Site Projects in IIS without being licensed?

The development environment runs the Samples (and our project) without issues. Smile

I’m actually using the Samples as a way to test my VM config for running a Web Site Project that we are going to be testing shortly. Sorry I should have mentioned this in my original post.

I was hoping I’d made a simple config mistake.

Thanks for your response Jake.



did you try run your application with "classic .Net AppPool" ?
using DefaultAppPool requires different web.config files
My evaluation version runs fine with IIS 7

Hi Chris/everyone,

I’d like to try running our Web Site project using the ‘DefaultAppPool’, i.e. integrated AppPool mode. (Works fine in ‘Classic .Net AppPool’.)

Chsamtleben’s comment indicates that the web.config files need changing to allow this to work. So what changes do I need to make?

From memory the error I get is the same error as above: ‘keeps
reloading the page and displaying an error in the GoView/GoPalette
control about checking web.config and the httpHandles section’.

Thanks in advance,

  • Neil

I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet, but it does seem to be an issue more than one person is running into… so I’ll bump it up to the top of the list.

In the meantime, if it works for you in the classic pool, that’s your best option.

Cheers Jake, much appreciate.