Style on top of an icon

Hi Team,

We are exploring an option in goJS where on JS control we can apply custom style or may be an SVG over the top of an Icon.
e.g. Suppose there is a icon(for Sun) for which I want to show the beams coming out of it.

An SVG extrapolation or custom styling may help. Can you help us in exploring this?

At what times would you want to show it?

Hi @walter,

I would require it may be on click of a button and then I can show it on the top of a node.

So is your usage different from Abhishek’s? I still don’t know if what I answered in that forum topic applies to you or not.

The basic question is whether your extra Shape(s) should be in the node template or if it should be an Adornment that is associated with your Node and added separately.

Hi Walter,

I think Abhishe wants to achieve something like an adornment. I want to add for example an external class or may be styling to a node, so as to highlight or show it in a different way.

In my opinion you still haven’t provided enough information to be able to distinguish whether it should be an Adornment rather than just an extra Shape that is sometimes visible or opaque in your node template.

Local View does highlighting like what you are talking about, except that it uses a radial gradient brush filling a circle rather than an interesting shape with some fancy geometry. It also uses only a single Part, because in that sample there can be only one that is highlighted at a time. I still have no idea of when you want your highlighting to occur.