Styling link ends and link location


having styled the links almost as we wanted, 2 issues remain:

  1. we are using “block” as the link end, but it does not seem to respond to width and height, is there a way to set it’s size?
  2. after putting the links on the right side, they actual link is too close to the nodes, what we need is to put some distance between it and the node like in the attached picture, now it is directly next to the blocks and there is no spacing at all.

thank you

What do you mean by "block" as the link end? What is your link template?

$(go.Shape, {fromArrow: “Block”})

Arrowhead geometries are defined in extensions/Arrowheads.js. You could set its GraphObject.scale, or you could define your own arrowhead geometry.

I still don’t know what your links are looking like right now and what your link template is…

sorry for the delay, the code is in a newtwork with no internet connection.

this is the group code:
'(go.Group, 'Vertical', { isSubGraphExpanded: true, layout: (go.TreeLayout,
treeStyle: go.TreeLayout.StyleLastParents,
angle: 0,
layerSpacing: 0,
alignment: go.TreeLayout.AlignmentStart,
nodeIndent: 60,
nodeIndentPastParent: 1,
nodeSpacing: 10,
layerSpacingParentOverlap: 1,
portSpot: new go.Spot(1, 0.8, 0, 0),
childPortSpot: go.Spot.Right,
(go.Panel, (go.TextBlock, // for site Name
margin: new go.Margin(200, 0, 0, 0),
width: 155,
isMultiline: false,
editable: false,
stroke: $(go.Brush, { color: ‘rgb(11, 64, 109)’ }),
font: “bold 12pt rubikregular”,
textAlign: “center”
‘תק"שים מחוברים’,
new go.Binding(“visible”, “”, function (obj) {
return obj.part.memberParts.count > 1;
), // go.TextBlock
{margin: new go.Margin(0,0,0,0)},


and this is the link template:

        corner: 1,
        selectable: false,
        routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
        curve: go.Link.AvoidsNodes
    $(go.Shape, {strokeWidth: 2, stroke: 'rgb(11, 64, 109)'}),
    $(go.Shape, {fromArrow: "Block", fill: 'rgb(11, 64, 109)'}),
    $(go.Shape, {toArrow: "Block", fill: 'rgb(11, 64, 109)'}),

the link looks like this now:

OK, increase the Link.fromEndSegmentLength and Link.toEndSegmentLength to 20 or whatever you like.

You could even have different values based on the vertical distance between the nodes/ports.

thanks again for the great support,
all works perfect now.