Sub-Graph collapse expand

Objective : Node contain some text and having +- effect i.e. collapse and expand withing the node.
Approach : i have taken a node ,gotext,gosubgrpah
1-set some text to gotext.text ..."Hi there"
2-add the same to GoSubGraph
3-set GoSubGraph.collopse
4-add the node.add(GoSubGraph)
i am done with this but i am facing a problem the even if the subgraph is collapsed but but i could not make backgroud area
i am not able to set member info.even after collapse or plus press the green outline remains ahow can make this h/w equals to "robert" node. Thanks in advance.
I needs an urgent help please help.

Are the “Ritu-SPOUSE” lines supposed to be separate nodes connected by links? If so, then it makes sense to use a GoSubGraph. But it doesn’t seem as if that is what you have done – it looks like you have just added a bunch of GoText objects to a GoSubGraph.

I suggest you use something like the CollapsibleListGroup that is in Demo1.