Subgraph opacity on collision


Am using a GraphLinksModel. I have many subgraphs and each one contains many nodes. When I drag a subgraph over another, all links are visible but one of the subgraphs gets all its nodes hidden.
I want the subgraph background opacity to be more transparent both:
1- when grabbing the subgraph
2- when there is a collision or overlap with another subgraph.

How can I do that?


The easy way to satisfy that requirement is to always have the background be translucent.

But another easy alternative would be to bind the background brush to the Part.IsSelected property, using a BooleanBrushConverter: has an example.

Hi again,

Thanks Walter! I changed the background to be a bit translucent. I also used the BooleanBrushConverter to change the subgraph’s color on selection.