SubGraph ?s


I am looking at using SubGraphs but have the following 2 issues to overcome.

  1. Our application has the default linkslayer and a ‘custom’ linkscountlayer which is used to count links between nodes. The user can switch between these layers i.e. making each alteratively visible/invisible. If I use a subgraph the links from both these layers go into the subgraph and become visible at the same time. Is there a way to have layers in a subgraph? or another way to make this work (easily)…
  2. When I want to find a node in a graph I use FindNode. However if a node gets put into a subgraph FindNode can’t find it any more. How can I find nodes that are in subgraphs?


You’ll need to code this functionality yourself, by iterating through subgraphs (perhaps recursively, depending on your requirements) and setting the GoObject.Visible property of particular links or searching the IGoLabeledNode.Text property of the nodes.


Thanks for the response
Could you please look at having Findnode search across subgraphs in a future product release.