Subgraphs are overlapping


Currently, the TreeViewLayout is applied to my diagram. My problem: it is only applied to nodes but not to the subgraph “boxes”. This means, that, while there is no linking, the nodes are stacked and the borders of their subgraphs are crossing each other. How can I manage the layout stacks the subgraphs too, so that they are side by side?

(I’m using WPF)
Thank you!

So you had set Diagram.Layout to a TreeLayout and Group.Layout to null? Or had you done something different?

Diagram Layout:

TreeLayout Angle="90"

and a grouptemplate:



<go:GroupPanel x:Name=“myGroupPanel” Padding=“5” />

By default each Group has its own default DiagramLayout which will position unlocated nodes in rows.

Then the TreeLayout that is the Diagram.Layout will arrange all of the groups as if they were atomic nodes. TreeLayout does not overlap nodes unless you set some properties to unusual values.

Doesn’t the Grouping sample exhibit the basic layout behavior that you want?