Support for mono

Does Northwoods plan to support the Mono platform for Go.NET product family?

It isn’t supported right now, at least. I haven’t tried it, and I’ll bet none of us at Northwoods has done so. I think you’re the second person to ask, so there hasn’t been much demand.
I don’t even know if everything we use is available yet. We only use four .NET DLLs: mscorlib, System, System.Drawing, and System.Windows.Forms. The same is true for ASP.NET, except replace System.Windows.Forms with System.Web.

Just to throw my hat into the ring, we are looking at using GO.NET to write a new version of one of our products (which currently uses GO++). One of the more attractive features for us is the .NET framework’s (supposed) platform-independance. I realize mono isn’t a fully-developed product yet, but getting GO.NET to run on mono would be fairly important for us, whenever mono develops to the point that it’s technically possible.

If you guys did not do any direct calls to the windows API and really just used four .NET DLLs. It should just work once SWF is finished. We like to use GoDiagram on UNIX also.

From the Mono sight it looks like you need to wait for version 1.2 (Release target: Q1/2006.) before giving it a try.

That’s interesting. I wonder if GoDiagram Web would work on Mono.
For clarification–all of the GoDiagram assemblies, including GoDiagram Win, do not do any Interop (such as P/Invoke).

Because of a request of one of our customers i have to reanimate this thread :) The customer would like to have a Mac OS X Version of our product.

Walter, have you tried to compile GoDiagram with Mono jet? If it is possible, do we “just” need a source licence?

Recompilation should not be necessary.

The last time I tried this, it didn't work well at all.