Suppress relinking from certain port

Hello, everyone!
I have a question:
How is it possible to suppress relinking a link from its FromPort?
It should be possible done with ToPort, but relinking a link from FromPort shoulbe suppressed according my application needs.

Just to be clear… by relinking, do you mean:

  1. selecting an existing link, then grabbing the handle on the From end and moving that end of the link to a new port.
  2. creating a second link from a single From port?

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Hello, Jake!
Yes, I meant the first case - selecting an exisitng link and grabbing it away from its FromPort, not necessary to another port, it maybe just empty GoView space. I want to have a link that can’t be detached from its FromPort in UI.
Thank you.

see Relink only one side of the link

Thank you, Jake! :)
It works!