SVG event handling


In my application i am making use of the graph display layout of JGo . The application that i am trying to build is web based so i find the SVG support that JGo provides very useful. But i have a problem.
How can I make use of JGo to add event handling code to the svg that is generated. My observation is that even the tool tips that normally appear when JGo is used with awt do not appear in the svg code. I also have a requirement for capturing mouse click events on the nodes of my graph in the svg code.
Now events in svg can be captured by associating event listeners with svg elements.
So the only problem now is that i need a way to add some additional information to the svg document that is generated like the tooltip text and some information regarding say the URL which should be invoked when the node in the graph is clicked…etc…
How can I do this?
Is it possible to add some handlers with call back methods which will be called for each element in the JGo Document once the generateSVG() metod is called?
I would appreciate a detailed reply as my project is in a very time critical stage.