SVG Image in Diamond Shape

I have following node Template,
And i want to add SVG image in Diamond shape,
I have tried using $(go.Picture) but it is not working.
Will it be possible to add picture in this shape, if Yes, can you please guide, how can we achieve it.

dia.nodeTemplateMap.add("Decision",$Go(go.Node, "Spot",
    $Go(go.Panel, "Auto", $Go(go.Shape, "Diamond", 
    { width: 50, height: 50, stroke: "rgba(0,0,0,0.16)" }

PFA the image of node we want to create for your reference.
We have svg for this img as well.

$(go.Node, "Spot",
  // the main element of the node
  $(go.Panel, "Auto",
    { width: 50, height: 50 },
    $(go.Shape, "Diamond", { spot1: go.Spot.TopLeft, spot2: go.Spot.BottomRight, . . .}),
    $(go.Picture, ...yourSVGimagefileURL, { width: ..., height: ... })
  . . .  // the ports or other elements of the node

Be sure to read about showing SVG images in Pictures:

Depending on the natural size of the SVG, you might need to put the Picture into a “Viewbox” Panel so that it is automatically scaled to fit in the 50x50 area of the “Auto” Panel.

Thank u…
It is working for me…