Svg to geometry string

I am converting SVG to getometry string. Can you tell me how to implement svg fill-rule property in gojs geomtery string.
In svg I am using fill-rule=“evenodd” property to fill the color based on odd-even

I believe every Geometry can be converted from using the “evenodd” fill rule to the “nonzero” fill rule, and vice versa. But I cannot describe the procedure at this time.

For nested figures, you can reverse the order of the points to switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise.

For crossing lines you may need to add figures.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this holiday.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your response.
After You came back from holiday. Just look at this example
and then explain me how to convert svg (Fill-rule, view box)to geometry string within one shape.

Hi Walter, Have you looked at that above link?

Sorry, but I have no more to add beyond what I wrote above.