Swim Lane Control how drag and drop note example flowchart.html

Swim Lane note control drag and drop same like flowchart.html… i have tried to do it in swim lane but it didn’t work


Please tell me how to do it in swim lane controls


First, add an HTML Div element to your page, to hold the Palette.

Second, create a go.Palette, associated with that Div. Do this in the same manner that one creates Diagrams, because Palette inherits from Diagram.

Third, initialize that Palette, including setting its nodeTemplate or nodeTemplateMap to the template(s) that you want to use. It’s normal to start by using the same templates as the main Diagram, but when you have time later you can use your own custom templates. http://gojs.net/latest/intro/palette.html

Fourth set its Palette.model to be a GraphLinksModel whose nodeDataArray holds all of the kinds of nodes that you want the user to drag over to the main Diagram.

There are lots of sample apps that make use of a Palette. You can adapt the code from FlowChart if you like.

Thanks, could you send me the sample code or sample apps, would be much helpful for me to move on.

There are a bunch of samples already – just search for “Palette”. And I just told you the steps that you need to take, above.

If you have a more specific question, please show us what you have done so far and describe what results you are getting and how it differs from what you want.