Swim lane drag is not working for group and working for other nodes

Hi There,
I have integrated swim lane with my diagram and drag is not working for group.
Drag is working for all other nodes in lane only groups is having issue.

Please check my diagram in below image.

Below is node data array

Using swim lane code from the example of our gojs.

Code sample of swim lane.

Please, let me know if you need any other thing from my side.

What is the value of Group.layout for the lane? I’m wondering if moving the group is causing the lane’s layout to be invalidated, resulting in another layout which moves the group back to where it had been originally.


Hi Walter,
Thank you so much for replying…
Please check layout code of Lane in below screenshot.

Moreover, I have used code from below example.

Please let me know if you need any more information…

My guess is that relayoutDiagram is being called – are you getting the console message? That’s causing the LayeredDigraphLayout to be performed again, and it wants to move the nodes without any links coming in to them at the top (because direction is 90). That would include the group.

Hi Walter,
Yes I am getting below log in console.

How can I stop performing LayeredDigraphLayout? How can I solve?

It is working fine for normal nodes but the issue is only for group.

Look at what code is calling that function.