Swimlane not considering the location set for lane members


I changed the sample of swimlane layout a bit to change the position of nodes inside a lane, but irrespective of the value I am providing the nodes in lanes are coming in the start of the lane i.e top left.
Below are the screenshot of current behavior and desired behavior:
Current Behavior:

Desired Behavior

JS Fiddle for the changes

Could you let us know what can be done to get the desired behavior?


I suspect the answer is not to use a Placeholder in the Groups. I’ll look into this.

I see you have completely redefined SwimlaneLayout so that it specifies the X and Y position for each node, regardless of which lane/Group it is in. Although I assume that’s just for demonstration purposes, the notion that you want to determine what’s in which lane by how the nodes are laid out means a lot of assumptions are no longer valid.

Notice what happens when you comment out the Placeholder from the “Lane” Group template. So there’s no point in having the “Pool” Group.layout being a PoolLayout. You should specify the position and desiredSize for each lane/group.

We are having similar kind of use case where in each lane we need to change the position of nodes based on it previous lane nodes, and it was working fine before we upgraded gojs from 2.1.54 to 2.3.11.

Now this is how it is behaving after upgrade:
lanes moving
If you have observed the above gif the lanes are starting from the place its initial node’s location and adjusting itself.
Sometimes the nodes are not plotting in desired location as shown below

We are getting the desired behavior if we disable the animation of the diagram completely.

Desired behavior:

Note: None of these issues are observed in gojs 2.1.54 version

Do you have a reproducible case for this animation bug too? Enabling animation in the jsfiddle you shared wasn’t enough to demonstrate it.