Testing goJS with Robot -- is there a hover option?

Hello, open question to anybody who has written tests for GoJS, I was wondering if there are any options to test node hover? I see mouse and keyboard interactions, but no hover on here: Robot | GoJS API

Was just wondering if I missed any additional API documentation. Thanks!

You can dispatch events to the Diagram.div’s <canvas> element. Or you could create synthetic GoJS InputEvents and call undocumented diagram.doMouse... methods.

I’m not sure this is a good idea but you could for example do this:

var input = new go.InputEvent();
input.documentPoint = new go.Point(77,159);
input.diagram = myDiagram;

And if there’s a Node at that documentPoint with a tooltip, the tooltip will show.


  const node = myDiagram.nodes.first();
  const myRobot = new Robot(myDiagram);
  myRobot.mouseMove(node.location.x + 10, node.location.y + 10, 0);
  myRobot.mouseMove(node.location.x + 10, node.location.y + 10, 1000);