Text clipped when printing

When printing a GoView diagram the label is clipped.
This happens when text has uppercase characters.
Seems like the size is computed for lowercase.
The figures are GoIconicNode.
The Label has Wrapping=true, Resizable=true

Looks like this in view:

and like this when printed

The version is 5.1

Have you set the StringTrimming property on on the GoText object?

I have tried with all StringTrimming settings, none is working. The text is always truncated but in difference ways.

Hi Jake, do you have a solution to this?

Are you specifying a particular font or font size?

Have you tried different printers to see if there is a difference?

I have tried some different printers and XPS-format. Same result
Font and font size are set.

this.Label.Multiline = true;
this.Label.Wrapping = true;
this.Label.Text = StringUtils.ParseToStringWithLinebreaks(split[5]);
this.Label.Editable = false;
this.Label.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.Character;

        if (split.Length > 11)
            this.Label.FamilyName = split[11];
            if (this.Label.FamilyName == "Monotype Corsiva")
                this.Label.Italic = true;
            this.Label.FontSize = float.Parse(split[12].Replace(',', '.'), System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo.InvariantInfo);

ok, I can’t really tell the FamilyName or the FontSize from your code snippets. If you could put a complete sample
together that reproduces the problem and either post that here or email it, I’ll take a look.

The familyname is Verdana and fontsize = 24. No problem with smaller fontsizes.

Ok, if you need 24 point, try Arial. I do see an issue with Verdana at 24 points. There is code in Go that tests fonts
to make sure they fit the box in print mode (.NET has some issues here, we try to work around them). For some
reason, Verdana isn’t quite happy with our scaling. I’ll add this to the list for the next release.

Pardon the interjection, but 24 point seems a tad large for normal usage. Is that typical usage?

Thank you, 24 points is not typical usage, they can manage with smaller.
I tried Arial with same result.