Text disappearing when repaint occurs


I'm facing a problem where my text is disappearing when GoView is repainted. Details are as follows:

As shown in the Image 1 I have vertical text - 2"-ZN-642-1187-E5-40E and at bottom right of the text there is a shape with four corners that looks like Rectangle.

My application has functionality that when mouse moves over the shape, the shape is highlighted by changing its color to highlight color (Orange in this case). As shown in the Image 2 when I move mouse over the Rectangle like shape it is highlighted with different color, but at that time beginning of the text (i.e. 2") disappears.

When I move mouse away from the shape, highlighting of shape is reset but text remains the same. It does not re-render the text. Please see Image 3

Now, as shown in the Image 4, when I again move mouse over vertical line, the line gets highlighted by and that time text is re-rendered correctly.

I’m not able to understand this behavior, what is causing part of the text disappearing? Please note that to rotate the text I’m using RotatedText that is available on the forum.
Looking forward to get some help on this issue from support team.
Tushar Trivedi
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

How are you doing the highlighting? Are you overriding Paint, or setting the object’s Color?

The shapes I’m highlighting are GoDrawing objects, I’m just setting property .PenColor to highlight (i.e. to change color)

Well, try this: Look for the ExpandPaintBounds in RotatableText and bump up the size of the increase.