Text Editor Dimension & always active

In my application, component is developed to provide style properties for nodes. It uses some numeric text box range control and slider controls.

Due to incompatibility with IE, the controls are not shown properly. So to overcome this , I am thinking of using GOJS diagram control which provides these functionality.

With slider control, I already have example available in your sample list. For text box range control, what I need is

  1. a node with its text editor always active/visible so when user clicks on same he can start directly editing it.

  2. Text box editor should be given fixed size. So it should not increase or decrease its size based on text.

Can you help, how to achieve this ?

The GoJS TextEditingTool only supports a single active text editor at any one time. But you can set TextEditingTool | GoJS API to go.TextEditingTool.SingleClick, so that only a single click is required to start editing a TextBlock.

You can customize the text editor to stay a fixed size. Implement it with an HTMLInfo.

The latter link has links to several examples, including the implementation of the default text editor.