Text in GoIconicNode.Label is sometimes cut-off


I am using GoIconicNode.Label property for the text of a tree node. I have set the GoIconicNode.Label.Multiline property to true, GoIconicNode.Label.Wrapping property to true and GoIconicNode.Label.WrappingWidth property to 90. In some cases, character ‘d’ at the start of a line is cut-off as in the image below.

Is there a solution for this problem? I have tried changing the wrapping width property but there is always some instance in which I get the text cut-off.


Is the font Arial or something else? I’ve only ever seen this behavior with non-True Type fonts.

does this happen on other PCs?

Font is Microsoft Sans Serif. Font size = 10.0. This happens on other PCs as well.

Microsoft San Serif is a True Type font. MS San Serif isn’t. Make sure you’re using the TT font.

I am using Microsoft Sans Serif font, which is a true type font.

ok then… Microsoft Sans Serif is actually the default font in Go… something I had forgotten.

Do you have Label.Clipping = true? If you do… turn it off.

If you don’t… run NodeLinkDemo and find the “LimitedWidthIcon” node. Using the Properties Windows, change the Label to match your settings and see if you can reproduce the problem there.