Text/Label Question

I am designing a custom Node for the purpose of our diagram. I have looked at the topic “Design Question” and it resolved several of my issues regarding the ability to have a custom node with many ports…

The remaining question I have is regarding the need to be able to put “text” on a node in the 4 cardinal locations (N, S, E, W) around a node, and possibly have more than 1 “text” associated with a node.

Does anyone have any information or examples of this?

What are your other requirements in terms of appearance and port behavior? Do you have a sample design picture you could upload?

Don’t have a design to upload, right at this moment… Part of that will be dependent on my answer here. The nodes will be iconic/imaged, with links coming out at (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) locations depending on the diagram type. However, some nodes will need 1 or possibly 2 labels associated with them in non used cardinal locations.

The “InfoNode” samples in Demo1 may be a good place to browse.
InfoNode7 has labels, top and bottom, and multiple labels down the sides. InfoNode7 is based on GoMultiTextNode.

InfoNode2 is another place to look, it's based on GoBoxNode. Note the port behavior is quite different than InfoNode7 as you drag the nodes around.
Demo1 has such a huge pile of stuff in it that it can be intimidating. But if you see a node that has the properties you want, you can select it and hit F4 and the properties dialog will tell you the class of the object, and then you can go look at the source code.
Most of the sample node classes are very simple. InfoNode7 is 99 lines long. InfoNode2 is 81 lines.
In your case, it sounds like you want discrete connection points for your ports, and you don't want links wandering around the edge of the node the way GoBoxNode does.

You might want to look at the MultiPortNode example class in Demo1.

That particular example usage has five ports to match up with the five points of the star in the image, but you can generalize…