Text remain outside the GoText on resizing

I am using a GoText control. If i put multiline text in the GoText and then resize the Text box. the box gets resized even smaller than the text boundry and the Text lingers out side the GoText boundry. How to resolve this?

What do you have for properties AutoResizes and AutoRescales (as well as any other properties you are setting)?

I have set the following properties for the GoText:

this.Editable = false;
this.Resizable = true;
this.Reshapable = true;
this.Multiline = true;
this.Wrapping = true;
To resolve this problem i tried the following properties but didnot work. i used these properties separately ie one at a time.
this.AutoResizes = true;
this.WrappingWidth = 10;
this.ResizesRealtime = true;
this.Clipping = false;
AutoRescales property scales the Text inside the textbox, when we resize the textbox. I dont want this.
My requirement is - When the user resizes the Textbox the Text size should not change and either the user shoud not be able to decrease the size of textbox beyond the Text boundry or there should appear a scroll in the textbox. Though the first solution is better.

There is also the Trimming property on GoText…

(The easiest way to play with these options is using Demo1 and the F4 properties window… you can change properties without rebuilding)

You can derive a class from GoText and override DoResize to set a minimum size. The problem becomes this: “in a multiline text object, what is the minimum size?” I guess if you set a minimum wrapping width, the question just becomes “what is the minimum height?”.

Look at CollapsingRecordNode in Demo1 for a sample of how to override DoResize.

Thanx Jake…

My problem is solved. i used following properties to solves this.
this.WrappingWidth = 50;
this.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.Character;
and set its minimum size by overriding DoResize function.
public override void DoResize(GoView view, RectangleF origRect, PointF newPoint, int whichHandle, GoInputState evttype, SizeF min, SizeF max)
SizeF newmin = new SizeF(50, 20);
base.DoResize(view, origRect, newPoint, whichHandle, evttype, newmin, max);