Text rendering in GoDiagram


I am using GoDiagram version on .Net framework 2.0 version. I would like to know what is used for Text rendering in GoDiagram.
Is it GDI or GDI+ or combination of both?

GDI+, through System.Drawing and System.Drawing.Text. That’s true of all of GoDiagram.


In my application, is it possible to override all Text rendering functions of GoDiagram and use the System.Windows.Forms.TextRenderer class instead?

No one has ever asked before. You could override Paint in GoText, but I think there is too much down inside GoText for measuring, wrapping, selecting fonts etc that assumes Text and not TextRenderer. If you have really simple, single line text, you might get away with it.

(to save everyone else a Google … TextRenderer is a way to use GDI text through .NET instead of GDI+)

Are you doing this for performance? One quick test (that I found on the web) by someone shows TextRenderer is 6x faster. But that’s in a pure text, no double buffering test. With GoDiagram, in the context of rectangles, lines, double buffering, etc, there’s no way you’ll see that kind of boost. I’m betting you wouldn’t even see the difference.

If you want to boost performance of GoText:

use TransparentBackground, no border, no shadow.