TextEditor inside diagram

Hi team.

I need to insert a textblock inside my graph with the following scenarios.

  1. Textblock must be put inside diagram.
  2. when text block exphands all items in the diagram must move down, like if I have a textblock and a image. Image must move down when text entered on text data. Currently Text block is overlapping the image in it.

The main requirement is all nodes in the diagram must be in same layer so when text area expands everything must move down.


It is normally the responsibility of the Diagram.layout to arrange everything the way that you want.

If you have not set DIagram.layout, you could still implement this in a “TextEdited”" DiagramEvent listener that moves the Part that has your edited TextBlock, by changing its Part.location up and down according to its Part.actualBounds.height.

If you have set Diagram.layout to something, you don’t have to customize the layout, because you can set Part.isLayoutPositioned to false on that Part containing the edited TextBlock, and also do what I suggested above.