The diagram.findObjectsIn function is slow in IE

it is necessary to call the findObjectsIn function repeatedly.
when calling diagram.findObjectsIn 300 times
it is fast in Chrome, but very slow in IE.

Does anyone know how to improve this in IE ?

There shouldn’t be much difference in performance between IE 11 and Chrome. Of course the latter has had five years of performance improvements since IE 11 came out, but for most situations that should not be significant.

Have you profiled the performance in both browsers?

yes. profiled.

my code below…
if calling hasNodeInPt 300 times in edge or ie11,
It is 25 times slower than chrome.

hasNodeInPt: function(newNode, pt){
    var rect = new go.Rect(pt.X, pt.Y, newNode.measuredBounds.width, newNode.measuredBounds.height +;
    var nodes = this.diagram.findObjectsIn(rect, function(x) { return (x.part instanceof go.Node) ? x.part : null; }, null, true);

    if (nodes.count > 0) {
        return true;
    return false;