The problems of inspector

Q1:These attributes such as angle,radius,start,sweep,geo are not belong to this node!
I don’t want them to show on the insoector.And I already set the includesOwnProperties is false!

Q2:When the type of fill,color,text_color are “color”,how to set the fill of node is transparent on the insoector?

Q3:whether or not the font can be made into several attributes(font-style,font-size…) show on the insoector?

  1. You should set the show property to Inspector.showIfPresent for those properties.

  2. I’m not sure what the difference between color and fill is in your example. But in general, the Data Inspector uses the default HTML5 color input. If you want to be able to pick colors outside of the hexadecimal spectrum, you’ll need to customize it to use a different method of input.

  3. Canvas takes font strings in the format you see. You could try to split them up and parse the different values then merge them back together when setting the property, but this isn’t something we have any experience trying.