Threaded layout


Does the auto-layout package have a threaded layout capabilty similar to that in the TouchGraph system



Could you describe what you mean by “threaded layout”?
I tried the “Dynamic Graph Layout”, and the applet hung.

I tried that applet again, and it worked this time. That’s interesting behavior, which is I assume what you are asking about.
I think the answer is that you could implement something like that. I’d have to try it to make sure – the tricky part is making sure that it’s efficient and doesn’t interfere with the event handling on the UI thread.

Hi Walter,

By ‘threaded layout’ I mean that the location of the nodes is
continuously updated from a thread, it isn’t a layout manager in the
usual Java fashion.
The TouchGraph implementation is an extension of one done by Sun ages ago at

Have a look at the source code, its interesting and deceptively simpe for quite an impressive effect.

I think it would add value to JGo if a later version has something similar.



Reminds me of Prefuse:

Graph libs seem to tend into two directions. Those who are made with flowcharts / organizational charts in mind and those with data visualization and dynmic layout / interaction in mind.