Time latency in activated domain library

We have activated gojs lib with our domain and have got activated lib version 1.2.8.
After publishing new go.js lib Time latency of the activated go.js increased from couple of seconds to one minute + .
We have investigated this problem , and found that problem related to the new activated go.js

What do you mean, exactly?

What happens if you try 1.3.6 instead?

Is your app up somewhere public that I can take a look?


I mean when i open chrome devtool (tab network) one of the params is Time Latency.
We use 1.2.8 version, because all dev. and testing done vesrion 1.2.8 , but if a newer version has some major advantages we can try.

I have replaced activated go.js with trail because time latency very long. So let me know when wish to look at this and will upload activated go.js again.

Hi ,
I pay attention that your logo still exist inside activated version.
May be something wrong during registration our domain with your go.js ?

Maybe. When you are activating do you write the domain as “fault-tree-analysis-software.com”?

(No http:// or https://, no trailing slash, etc)

That could be the issue here. If it is, we will need to make sure we handle those cases better in the future too.<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”>

you are right . it was http://…
So i have talk with support and have submitted correct domain name without http://
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Sorry about that. Let me know if you still see the latency issue and I’ll take a look.

Looking at this page right now: http://www.fault-tree-analysis-software.com/fault-tree-analysis?type=Aerospace

I don’t see any latency issue pertaining to the go.js, but the request for:


took almost a second