Time of layout

Hello everybody,

I want to make some AutoLayout on a diagram that contains, for instance, 500 nodes and 900 links (this is a rather small diagram for our application), with the LayeredDigraph method.

Such a graph takes about 77s to autolayout. However, when I use another tool, such as, for instance the free GraphViz, it takes only 0.54s to perform the same task. That makes a ratio of more than 140 !

Is there any way to tune GoLayout algorithm to make it run at a more appropriate speed ? I tried to change the parameters in the demo application, but could only increase the calculation time, not decrease it. Will I have to interface GoDiagram with GraphViz ?

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I assume your graph isn’t a tree.
We are in the midst of adding more specific layout algorithms and improving our existing ones. Performance is certainly one criteria of improvement.

It is not a tree. It is however a directed acyclic graph.

Do you have any ideas of possible release dates of the new algorithms you are talking about ?

No, we’re about to release 2.4 and don’t have firm plans yet for the following release.