Toggle link connections


I was wondering if gojs is able to “toggle” a link connection rather than having to “click” the port “hold and drag” to other port. To clarify “toggle”, a user would click the port, the linking tool will activate, and when you click another port or the diagram it self it will either link to a port or cancel the linking tool.

Hopefully I explained that correctly.

Thank you!

That sample has the additional feature that it makes all invalid ports mostly transparent.

Consider also this sample:

The twoclicklinking example is exactly what I am looking for! I will take a look. Thank you!

Hi Walter,

I recently discovered that using the “TwoClickLinking” example, with my current diagram, if I click an port that is already connected to another port, it will freeze the diagram. After some debugging, I have found that e.diagram.currentTool = tool in the following code causes it to freeze.

Do you have any insight on what might be causing this or how to further debug?

      port.part.isSelected = false
      e.handled = true // don't bubble up
      const tool = e.diagram.toolManager.linkingTool
      console.log('port', port)
      tool.startObject = port
      // assigning found tool to the current tool is causing freeze
      e.diagram.currentTool = tool

That’s very odd. I am unable to reproduce any problem when trying to link ports in that TwoClickLinking sample. I tried all four combinations of connecting both from and to both open and already-connected ports. I also tried clicking both on output and on input ports (drawing the new link “backwards”).

If you break into the running code, what can you discover?