Tooltip Hide

I want to hide tooltip when no tooltip value exist ,

	goJ(go.Adornment, "Auto",
		{ isShadowed: true,shadowColor:"#cccccc",shadowBlur:8},
		goJ(go.Shape, { fill: "#f9f9f9" }),
		goJ(go.TextBlock, {margin:4,alignment: go.Spot.Top, alignmentFocus: go.Spot.Top, stroke: "#000000" ,font:'12px roboto'},
		new go.Binding("text", "value", scope.myTooltipFunction))                                       

myTooltipFunction will return the tool tip message to show , i need to hide the tooltip if there is no value exist.

Add a Binding of visible to whether or not you have a value present.

i have tried with plain binding visible it works fine, but how to hide tooltip on the its value. eg: no tooltip info then tooltip should be hidden. Please share some examples.

Use a binding conversion function. There are a lot of examples of this throughout the samples. Search for Binding("visible",.

For example, the Basic sample does this with each “ContextMenuButton” in an Adornment that acts as a context menu, to hide buttons that cannot be invoked on the selected Node or Link.

Thanks its working