Tooltip not hidden when moving mouse to context menu

I am experiencing an issue with tooltip and context menu combination.

  1. Hove over a text, tooltip is shown
  2. Right mouse click, contextMenu is shown and also tooltip is still shown until you move the mouse over diagram.
  3. Without moving the mouse over diagram, directly go to context menu. Even at this point tooltip is available.

In my application, this behavior is creating orphan tooltip with subsequent operations.

Our expected behavior here is, steps 1 and 2 are perfect. But in 3rd step, when mouse is moved over contextMenu (i.e moved out of textblock), this tooltip must be hidden.

Some more details which might be helpful for sorting this out: Both tooltip and contextMenu are using html elements. Tooltip uses HtmlInfo and inside it html elements, context menu is directly using html elements.

Any suggestions for me ?

Which version of GoJS are you using?

Does the tooltip go away after milliseconds?

Have you tried calling when showing your context menu?

We are using gojs 2.1
Tooltip goes away after toolTipDuration.
In showContextMenu method implementation, call hideToolTip and then everything works fine.

We would like to know the default gojs behavior with contextMenu/tooltip combination where both of these are html elements.
If the behavior is as I mentioned, then I guess we will have to go ahead with hideToolTip approach.

The problem is that I can imagine that there are apps where one wants to continue seeing a tooltip when showing a context menu. So it would be bad to assume that every time that a context menu is shown that we should hide any tooltip.

An alternative to calling hideToolTip is to reposition either tooltips or contextmenus.

Yeah, as you mentioned it wont be a good solution to remove tooltip on showing of contextmenu. But when you hover over contextMenu (you are coming out of the textblock where tooltip was shwon), it would be better tooltip is removed. If default gojs tooltip and contextMenus are used, this is the behavior (
Only with html tooltip and html contextMenu I have observed this behavior.

Yes, that’s true. I suppose we could consider changing the default tooltip position to be above the point. We’d need to consider it some more. And it isn’t urgent because programmers can customize it to be how they like.

Sure. Thank you Walter for the support :)