Tooltip not shown on link hover when we select link and after that user mouse hover on selected link

Is it possible to show tooltip while user select the link and mouse hover over selected link.

Please check below example for reference, where after selection of link and mouse hover it will not show tooltip but if user unselect link and hover mouse over link it will show tooltip.

That’s because the selection Adornment for the Link covers the link path, and it does not show a tooltip upon hover.

One solution is to make the selection Adornment unpickable, so that mouse events ignore it:

    myDiagram.linkSelectionAdornmentTemplate.pickable = false;

Or, if your link template(s) define Part.selectionAdornmentTemplate, set pickable to false on the Adornment.

@walter Thank you so much for your quick responce

After setting this to false, it is working properly, but is their any side effects that I need to consider?

With the standard selection Adornment, no. If you have some fancy custom selection Adornment, then maybe, depending on what it has and what it is supposed to do. You just need to make not-pickable whatever is covering the adorned Link.

Ok, once again thank you so much @walter