Tooltip on GoSimpleNode

I have a problem with the tooltips on my GoSimpleNode.

My node is a GoGroup made up of :

  • a GoRoundedRectangle
  • a GoListGroup made up of :
    - a GoListGroup within a GoImage and a GoText
    - a GoText

It becomes something like the following image… I have overridden the public GetToolTip method like that :
if (this.UserObject != null)
return ((XXXX)this.UserObject).Name;

My problem is when I drag the mouse over the text on the first line, I have the same text in the tooltip and when I drag the mouse over the second line, I have the 2nd line text in the tooltip. What I want is having one and only one tootlip text for the whole node.

Thanks for your help.

If you just want one tooltip for the whole world, you don’t need to override GetToolTip. Just do this in the node creation code:

this.ToolTipText = "hello world";

Sorry, it doesn’t work…

It worked for me in the node class I sent you… have you added something that interferes with mouse events?

No mouse event overidden or implemented. The node isn’t the same as the class you sent me.
In my case, when I drag the mouse over my node, I have 3 tooltips : the global node tooltip (want I want), the tooltip on GoGroup with image and text and the tooltip on the GoText (2nd line) Cry

E-mail me your node class.