Tooltip show same text on different node

Look at this, the Tooltip shows same text on second node.
how to reproduce is first pointing to first node show the tooltip, and move the mouse pointer to second node show tooltip.

Yes, that’s right. Note that there’s no “note” property on node 2’s data. So the Binding doesn’t evaluate, so the TextBlock doesn’t get a new value for TextBlock.text property. And any default value for the property was lost when the binding was last evaluated.

If you really want to, you could override ToolManager.showToolTip:

      "toolManager.showToolTip": function(tooltip, obj) {
        if (tooltip instanceof go.Adornment) tooltip.elt(1).text = "(default value)";, tooltip, obj);

Adapt the code to deal with any bindings that won’t be evaluated due to undefined data properties.

thank you fast reply,
I did this more simple,

new go.Binding(“text”, “”, d=>d.note?d.note:‘no note’)))