Tooltips on/off


Is it possible to show tooltips for a group of selected GoObjects…? I would like to be able to display tooltips off every object in a GoSelection…Thanks


Well, certainly GoView.ToolTip is just a single ToolTip component, so you can’t use that to show multiple tooltips simultaneously. If Windows Forms supports multiple simultaneous ToolTips, then I suppose you could implement that. You’d have to manage the lifetimes of all those ToolTips.
An alternative is to implement your own “tooltips” as GoObjects that are in a view layer. In fact, that is what we did on the .NET Compact Framework (PocketPC), which doesn’t provide a ToolTip class. You could use a GoBalloon, and be smarter about positioning all those tooltips simultaneously to avoid overlaps.


Is it possible to have a GoBalloon in the form of a Rectangle? I dont really like the GoBalloon it often has some painting problems


Ok…not setting the anchor solves the problem


But i have another question… Why does setting the GoBalloon.Editable property to false still allows editing of the text???


And how can i implement a tooltip …without a OnMouseLeave in the GNode class? I get the OnMouseOver…but i cant hide my tooltip…


If you don’t want the “tooltip” to point at an object, maybe you should use GoComment instead.
Set x.Label.Editable to false.
Implement a GoView.BackgroundHover event handler, or override GoView.DoMouseOver.